Gravel can be used in all sorts of ways! When you think you can only use a certain product, you can more than likely use gravel instead.

Want to replace your cement driveway or busted up walkway? What about adding a new patio to your backyard? Sometimes gravel can be more efficient than other types of materials such as cement, asphalt, or flagstone.

You can also use it in the place of mulch! A gravel plant bed makes a nice touch to your home. Want some fun crafts for the kiddos? Use some creek slicks and paint different characters or animals!

Have some birdhouses that need a little sprucing up? Decorate them with some river pebbles! Just let their imagination run wild!

You can also use pea gravel or river pebbles to make your own floor mat to make sure your home stays spotless! For the ones that want a little challenge or need to find their inner peace, create a rock zen garden or a river pebble mosaic!

Gravel projects can some time but the outcome is amazing!