Is your fur baby ruining your grass? Is it becoming yellow and spotty to the point where its dying? Dog urine is know to turn your grass yellow or brown, but we know when you gotta go, you gotta go! Show your pup you love them with their very own potty area and keep your yard and mind at ease!

There it is...

...what's left of your lawn



We know they can't help it, but we can! Creating an area and training your dog to go potty there, can save your yard!


Pea gravel, slate chips, and any other small gravels are great for paws! Larger gravel can be painful to pups just like it can be uncomfortable for us! Slate chips are highly recommended since they lay flat and give a almost level surface to "go" on (see what we did there?). Going with a gravel area allows easy pick up and you can also just rinse the area and its good to go!


Mulch is an easy and affordable option to go with when making a potty area for your dogs. Its comfortable, mats down,  and easy to clean! Just pick up or rinse off and when it comes time, replace it! 


Happy Dog, Happy Lawn!


Training your fur babies and creating their own personal area keeps both of you happy! Definitely a great off season project to do just in time for spring! Green grass and happy tails just around the corner!