If you asked me what was the most common stone project we see, it would definitely be someone wanting to do stepping stones at their home.

Our customers from Lawrenceville and all over Gwinnett County come to us to purchase Flagstone stepping stones and we make it EASY.

One of the things that sets us apart from the rest is our ability to sell individual pieces of stone.

We can sell you a pallet if you need it, but for the most common weekend projects you might only need a few pieces and we can do that too.

At Luxury you can buy however much you need because its all sold by the pound and we don't mind breaking down a pallet for you.

Stepping stones can be added for all kinds of different reasons.

You might just want to improve the aesthetics of a certain area in your landscape or simply don't want to walk in mulch or grassy areas.

Maybe there's no sun in between you and your neighbors houses and you can't get grass to grow.

Place some flagstone piecesin that area, it will look nice and actually give you something besides a mud pit to walk though. 

For stepping stones most of our friends and customers choose flagstone pieces over concrete pavers because of the natural shapes and variety of colors there are to choose from.

However, we do sell both of those materials and it's ultimately up to you to decide which one you like the look of.  

Now how it works.

When you come to the store, simply pick up a wheel barrow and fill up.

There is a HUGE select stone sectiontion and it's stocked full of every color of stone we sell.

If you don't see a particular color you like let us know and we will make sure to find your perfect color.

If it's your first experience with natural stone for your landscape let us know and we will educate you on the best ways to choose your stone, what thickness you need and exactly where to pick from. 

When you find the flagstone pieces you love, one of our experienced stone crew will weigh your pieces and help you get them in your vehicle.

If your not sure how much your vehicle can hold, don't stress, we'll help guide you with that as well. Last thing, you have to come inside to meet our awesome sales team. Our team loves working with our customers to make sure you have the very best experience possible.

Want to find out more on what flagstone is? Click Here

See you for your next project!