Recolor your dyed mulch in 5 simple steps! We carry Mulch Magic colorant at our location to match our Luxury Brown, Black Velvet and Red Carpet mulches.

To restore color to faded mulch you’ll need:

  • Luxury Landscape Supply’s Mulch Magic Colorant
  • Hand held sprayer
  • Water


  1. Mix 3-4 ounces of colorant per gallon of water, treats 200-400 square feet
  2. Make sure it has not rained for 24 hours and will not rain for the next 2-3 days
  3. Apply over faded mulch making two passes in a crossing pattern
  4. Allow 24 hours before watering plants to prevent wash off.
  5. Rinse tank with mild soap and water after use.

Quick Tip: pour and mix over existing mulch area just in case some spills.

That’s it! Fast, simple, and easy way to freshen up faded mulch!