We made it through the peak of the year.

We can finally breathe a little and catch up some education topics.  

Our sod sales had a huge spike this year, especially our Bermuda 419 and Zeon Zoysia. Jamur Zoysia has started growing some momentum as well.  

Sales were amazing, and we thank you for continuing to be loyal customers each and every year.

In all honesty, we do this for you guys.

There’s no better feeling than when our customers have success with their products and projects they take on.

Since it was such a major buy this year I want to provide you guys with a step by step guide that help you either install or keep your grass healthy.

Check it out and leave some feedback for us or ask a question if we didn't answer it here!!!

There’s no better feeling than when our customers have success with their products and projects they take on.

Preparation for sod

  • Clear the area of all rocks, stones or other debris.
  • Rough grade the entire area to eliminate drainage problems by sloping the grade away from building foundations and filling low-lying areas.
  • Till the existing soil to a minimum depth of at least 2 inches before adding any topsoil or soil amendments.
  • Add topsoil, if necessary. You will want to achieve a total topsoil depth of 4-6 inches.
  • If necessary, test the soil PH with a chemical soil test to determine if any PH changes are necessary. 

Installation of sod

  1. Immediately lay the sod after it is picked up or delivered.
  2. Dampen the soil with water.
  3. Begin installing in a straight line by the cement of the driveway or walkway.
  4. Make sure all edges are tightly together. Without any overlapping or spaces between strips of sod stagger the edges in each row in a brick like fashion. Use a large sharp knife for shaping sod around trees, flower beds or along borders. If on a slope place sod perpendicular to the slope not horizontally.
  5. Roll the sod to smooth out small bumps and air pockets. This will assure good contact with the soil.
  6. Start watering 20 minutes after the first strip is laid. Completely soak the sod with at least 1" of water.

After care of sod – Watering tips and guidelines

  • For the next two weeks, keep the soil underneath the sod moist with daily or more frequent watering. The soil at 3” to 4” below the sod should be moist, if not continue watering. You can test this by pulling back the corner of the sod, and pushing a screwdriver into the soil. You want to make sure the entire lawn is receiving the same amount of water. Areas near buildings, corners, and edges are vulnerable to drying out, and are easily missed by sprinklers.
  • If runoff occurs turn off the water and wait 30 minutes, and then restart the watering in that area. For the next few weeks keep the sod moist with daily watering.
  • Water in the morning, anytime before 10 am, or after 4 pm in the evening. These are ideal times because of lower temperatures, and less water is lost through evaporation. 
  • Infrequent and deep watering is preferred since the roots will only grow as deep as their most frequent available water supply.
  • Dormant sod still needs to be watered. ½ inch of water per week should be applied to dormant sod.

See you for your next project!