Natural Stone: Edging

Are you looking to line your plant beds? Tired of seeing those concrete edgers? Or have you been searching and searching every big box store for more but cant seem to find any? Toss what you have and use natural stone! Not only are they more appealing and add an amazing look to any home, but it’s also in abundance!

We’ll let you in on a little secret:

Natural Stone Never Goes Out Of Style And You Can Always Find It!

We know that projects seem to expand all the time. Adding another tree, plant bed or even a secondary walkway can happen in at any moment. Many customers have made switch from concrete borders because just like any man-made product, things get discontinued.

Popular choices are:

Tumbled Cobbles

Brick shaped with smooth edges

Dry Stack

Both thin and medium dry stack can be used


Comes from flagstone slabs with straight edges

Stacking Flagstone

Pieces of flagstone that vary from the size of a pizza slice to a dinner plate

River Rounds

Stones smoothed by natural water erosion and tumbling

Garden Boulders

Come in various sizes and are weathered

When choosing a natural stone for bordering, there is no wrong. This choice is completely yours and depends on your preference. We have plenty of pallets to choose from and whether you need a whole pallet or just a few, we make sure you get what you need the first time!

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