What is granite?

Granite is a common type of volcanic rock that is granular in texture. Predominantly white, pink, or gray in color, granite is hard and tough.  It has gained widespread use throughout human history, and more recently as a construction stone.


#57 Crushed Granite Stone


This product is granite crushed and screened into pieces that vary in size from 1/4" to 1".

Commonly used in french drains, dry wells, driveways and parking pads. to 60 degrees and walking trails.

Granite Crusher Run


Often used as road base material, this product provides an excellent hard surface for various applications such as a floor for an outdoor shed, parking pad, or as an economical base for flagstone walks and patios.

Granite Fines


Commonly sold in bags at "Large-Box" home supply stores as Paver Base, this granite product is a sand-like product that is excellent for creating a smooth, hard surface.

Use this in lieu of sand for your paver walkways and patios; you'll get better results and it's cheaper too!

#57 Crushed Stone Drainage Installation

#57 Crushed Stone Drainage Installation

Crusher Run Walkway Installation

Crusher Run Walkway Installation