What is topsoil?

Topsoil is the upper, outermost layer of soil, usually the top 2 inches to 8 inches. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms and is where most of the Earth's biological soil activity occurs. Four elements constitute the composition of soil: mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. This composition allows the soil to sustain its own weight, and other internal matter such as water and overlying landscape. 


Screened Topsoil


We obtain our topsoil from various local tracts of land that were formerly pastures and "bottom" land. The soil is then processed on site using a machine that removes the vast majority of sticks and rocks producing a very rakeable quality material. We do add some organics (from time-to-time) when the particular soil we are processing requires it in order to produce a loam.


Blackened Topsoil


This is a mixture of screened topsoil and ash . This soil is loose and friable and is good for planting trees and shrubs as well putting underneath new sod. As the name suggests this soil is very dark in color.


Plant Mix

Plant Mix

Our Plant Mix is a special formulation developed with the assistance of the Gwinnett County Extension in 1996. It works so well we haven't changed it since. It consists of screened topsoil and various composts including our Mushroom Compost. The mixture is an organic plant food and fertilizer that is ideal for creating raised flowerbeds or planting vegetables. Just pile it up, plant directly into it, and watch your plants take off!