Stone Products


Flagstone is flat slabs of natural stone, ranging from the size of a dinner plate to a dustbin lid. Usually used for paving slabs or walkways, patios, fences/walls and roofing, flagstone comes in thick, medium and thin veneer.


Fieldstone is aptly named – it’s a stone that’s found where it naturally occurs, near or at the surface of fields. It comes in many colors and is sometimes cut or split for architectural use.

Cultured Stone

Lightweight and realistic, cultured stone is an excellent option for any type of stone project. We carry two different high quality brands of cultured stone — Eldorado Stone and Dutch Quality Stone.

Thin Veneer Natural Stone

Thin Veneer is natural stone that is sawn to a thickness of around 1 1/2”. It is significantly lighter than full dimensional stone so you are able to use this stone with more ease. Thin veneer stone will increase productivity on a project and help increase the quality of your work.