The basic difference between flagstone and fieldstone is that flagstone is quarried (comes from beneath the ground) and fieldstone is on top of the ground (or in the case of our Tennessee stone, it comes from the side of a mountain). This results in products that are different in color and texture.

It is believed that the word flagstone is derived from an old Norse word "flaga" meaning slab of stone and has been found in writings dating back to medieval days in describing castle floors - get the picture?

Veneer Flagstone Installation

Veneer Flagstone Installation

Veneer Fieldstone Installation


All of our natural stone comes from the Walden Ridge and Crab Orchard ranges of the Cumberland mountains on the west side of the Tennessee River. The geology of this area provides some of the most unique sedimentary stone in the United States, rich in a variety of mineral coloration ranging from gray to red-rust-brown and to a pink-tan combination.


Our stone yard is a clean, dry, fully concreted area that has pallets of stone organized by type. We sell our natural stone by weight using electronic scales calibrated (on a scheduled basis) using standards traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology by the Georgia Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Division.

Our Stone Yard

Our Stone Yard


You buy stone by the pallet or by selecting individual stones. If you only need a small amount, you can pick out the ones you want. We call this the "select price" and you will see the price per pound reflected on our price sheet. If you need a lot you can purchase a full pallet or a partial pallet. As long as you buy what is on the pallet, you are eligible for a fairly significant savings. We call this the "pallet price" and you will see the price per pound reflected on our price sheet.


Although different suppliers produce different size baskets, generally a full wire basket of stone weighs somewhere between 2700-3200 pounds. Flagstone stacked on pallets can weigh as much as 3800 pounds. If you want to pick it up and take it home, you might want to check out the payload capacity of your truck or trailer. If it's too heavy, we do allow you to take part of it home and come back to get the rest later.

Stone Yard Scale

Stone Yard Scale


If you can't take it with you, you can schedule it to be delivered. Stone is delivered on our tandem axle flatbed truck. We have a piggy back style forklift that will remove the pallet and place it for you. Our forklift does have limitations on what it can do, so we may not be able to place it in certain spots. We will do our best to get it as close as possible to your desired location.

Sorry, we can't control . . . MOTHER NATURE!

Occasionally products we purchase will vary in size, color and texture. This is due primarily to natural variation. So unfortunately, we can't guarantee matches in size, color or texture from previous purchases. If you need to match something you've already put out in your yard, bring in a sample and we can compare it to our existing stock.