Adding a fire pit to your yard is a great idea! We carry different options of fire pits here that use wall blocks and are easy to install. All of them go through the same process of installation. After you’ve picked out the style and color that you would like, you can begin.

Step 1: Marking out the area

Mark the center of your built-in fire pit area by hammering the lawn stake or rebar into the ground. Attach a can of marking spray paint to the stake with cut twine. The twine and spray paint will be used as a compass to mark the circular location for the fire pit, with the stake as the center point. If you are making a square fire pit, use the blocks as a guide, measure and mark off the desired area.

Step 2: Dig out area

Use a sharp garden shovel to dig out the fire pit area to a 2-inch depth. Excavate an additional 6” all the way around for added support.  You’ll have to transplant the excess dirt in another area of your yard or haul it away.

Step 3: Add Granite Sand

Add granite sand to the area making sure to stay within the portion you previously dug out. Use a hand tamp to pack down the sand in the fire pit area. This will level the material in preparation for the top layer. Use a level to ensure an even surface, and adjust with your shovel and add or remove sand as needed until the site is level. Making sure your area is level now will help save tons of time when installing the pit.

Step 4: Add the first layer of stone

Gently lay down the first layer of stones along the edge of the fire pit area.  Once the stones are in place, you might need to adjust them so that the fire pit sits in the exact center of the fire pit area. Use a tape measure, if desired, and adjust the stones as needed. Once you are happy with the placement of the first circle of stones, gently press them down into the sand or use a dead blow hammer..

Step 5: Finishing up!

Lay the final two or three rows of stones right on top of the first layer of stones. For added stability, arrange the stones in a brick masonry pattern (sometimes called "running bond"), with each top stone situated over the gap between the two bottom stones. The weight of the stones and this pattern will help to keep everything in place without mortar.

If you purchased a ring and grate, now would be the time to set it inside the fire pit. Additionally, you can add gravel such as lava rock inside the bottom of the fire pit to place the wood on and also to give your brand new fire pit a great look!