Alabama Stone

What is Alabama Stone?

A multi-colored quarried, crushed stone characterized by its deep color ranging from deep red to pink, cream and tan. Makes a striking addition to any garden as a path or garden cover.


A multi-colored crushed stone that has colors ranging from deep red (almost purple and black) to cream and tan. This is a quarried, crushed and screened product so it is sold with some pit-dust on it. Just spread it, hose it down and you’ll see these beautiful colors.


Alabama Path comes from the same supplier as our Alabama Rose Stone. This product is excellent for pathways because of its smaller size.

Sizes range from 1/4″ to 1/2″. Alabama path will make any walkway or pathway look great and since it’s so small it packs in without making a mess in surrounding areas.


Occasionally, when moisture and temperature conditions are right (or wrong in this case), some of the stones may “leach” a white looking compound from some of the stones (ammonium sulfate). If this “salting-out” phenomenon happens, simply take your garden hose, use the highest pressure setting and spray it off. Don’t worry about your plants; this ammonium sulfate compound is actually a low-analysis fertilizer.