Lava Rock

What is lava rock?

A porous, light-weight volcanic rock with a reddish brown to black color, lava rock is frequently used in fire pits and gardens alike.

Red Lava Rock
Red Lava Rock


Our Lava Rock comes from a 55,000 year old volcanic lava flow. It is fire resistant and safe to use in fire pits.

It is a lightweight, porous stone with a sponge-like texture that is basically red. There is a small percentage of reddish maroon / reddish black color mixed throughout.

It is very similar (if not the same) material that is sold in bags. The size is generally 3/4″ to 1 1/2″. It is the only product we sell that comes from the other side of the Mississippi River.

Lava Pit
Lava Pit


Our lava rock is currently being quarried, crushed and screened in Capulin Volcano region in NE New Mexico. There, it is loaded onto train cars and railed to Tulsa, Oklahoma where it is put on a barge and ferried via the Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Rivers to Eastern Alabama. In Alabama it is loaded onto dump trucks and delivered to us.