What is flagstone?

Flagstone (also simply known as 'flag') is natural stone quarried into flat slabs. Flagstone is usually used for paving slabs or walkways, and patios. Typical flagstone has a smooth surface with variegated colors in are red, blue, and buff. 

Pallets of flagstone contain stone that vary in size from dinner plate size to the size of a garbage can lid and everything in between


Thick Flagstone

Thick flagstone is irregularly shaped, 2" to 3" thick, smooth surfaced stone with variegated swirls of color. Mostly used to provide a little bit stronger load-bearing surface, such as high traffic walkways.

Thick Flagstone Pallet

Thick Flagstone Installation

Thick Flagstone Installation

Medium Flagstone 

Medium flagstone is irregularly shaped, 1" to 2" thick. Most commonly used for patios and walkways either with or without a bed of mortar. It is also used as coping around ponds. If you plan to use it for a patio you will need about 16 to 18 lbs per square foot of patio.

Medium Flagstone Pallet

Medium Flagstone Installation

Medium Flagstone Patio Installation

Thin Veneer Flagstone

This flagstone is irregularly shaped, 1" or less. Most commonly used for mortaring onto concrete block as a veneer. It is also used as coping around small ponds. It is generally not suitable for walking on because it is so thin.

Thin Veneer Flagstone Pallet

Thin Veneer Flagstone Installation

Thin Veneer Flagstone Installation


Don't need a full pallet?

You can pick out & purchase individual pieces of stone at our store.


Stacking Flagstone

Stacking flagstone is irregularly shaped, and available in several thicknesses. Most commonly used for stacking walls with or without mortar, and as a veneer with the pieces mortared to masonry block.

Stacking Flagstone Pallet

Stacking Flagstone Wall Installation


Comes from flagstone slabs that are 2 1/2" to 6" thick that are broken into 4" widths and varying lengths. They are very nice for stacking walls or as edging around patios or plant beds.

Rubble Pallet

Rubble Border Installation

Rubble Walkway Edging Installation


Flagstone stair treads are cut on a stone breaker from large slabs. The treads range from 2 1/2 feet to 3 feet in length and 18" wide. The riser dimensions vary slightly from 5" to 6". Each slab weighs from 280-310 lbs. so you will probably need to use a little Egyptian technology to set these stairs in place.

Stair Treads Pallet

Stair Treads Installation

Stair Treads Installation


We sell our stone by weight or piece

That means you only pay for what you choose to buy, whether it's a pallet of flagstone, a single stair tread or ten pieces of rubble.



Step stones are cut from 1.5" — 3" thick flagstone slabs into squares and rectangles (not necessarily exact 90 degree angles). Step stones are available in various colors, and sizes are 12x12, 12x18, 12x24, 18x18, and 12x24.

These stones can be laid in the ground to create single steps or patterned together to make patios. Many people also use them as capstones for stacked walls.

Step Stones Pallet

Step Stones Installation


Our stone benches are sold as a 3 piece set (2 legs and a seat). It is cut from 3" stock with the bench being 15" wide and 36" to 38" long. The edges are hand chiseled (pitched) to provide a finished, rounded appearance. Ask us how to install these - we'll be happy to ensure you know how to do it properly.


Produced from flagstone slabs that are broken into rectangular brick-like sizes and then tumbled in a machine to smooth the edges. The product is excellent for stacking walls or as edging around patios or plant beds.

Tumbled Cobbles Pallet

Tumbled Cobbles Edging Installation

Tumbled Cobbles Patio Installation


Don't need a full pallet?



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