3 Benefits Compost Gives Your Lawn

A lush and green lawn makes summer so much better and compost can help. Even if you don’t lay down the compost right now, it’s a good idea to add compost to your lawn before winter comes to protect it throughout the colder months. Compost offers three benefits to your lawn that improve its growth and thickness. Luxury Landscape explains these benefits below and has plenty of compost to choose from so you can help your lawn thrive no matter what time of year it is.

Lightens Heavy Soil

Lawn roots are not like tree roots that work their way far down into the ground. Lawn roots are surface roots, and, as such, they need soft soil to grab onto. Your lawn will not survive if you have heavy topsoil onto which you lay the sod. You must lighten up the heavy soil – make it softer by mixing compost with the soil – so the lawn roots can burrow down and take hold. Compost helps break up heavy soil so lawn and other plant roots can penetrate it and be nourished by it.

The Opposite Is a Problem, Too

Let’s assume for the moment that heavy soil isn’t your problem. Rather, you have sandy soil. Don’t just plop the sod down because this, too, is a problem. Sandy soil is so porous it cannot retain water, something your lawn and garden plants desperately need. Compost can bulk up sandy soil to make it heavier. This helps the soil retain the water necessary for your lawn and garden to flourish. It also helps prevent water runoff common with sandy soil.

Encourages Microorganisms

Compost not only helps give you the ideal soil weight and consistency for your lawn and garden; it also encourages beneficial microorganism growth in the soil. Your garden relies on bacteria and fungi – the good kind – to nourish it. This is why you use fertilizer. Compost is exactly what these bacteria and fungi love to eat. They feed off it and other organic matter to keep your soil’s nitrogen levels balanced. This feeds your lawn and plants all year long.

Luxury Landscape is located in Lawrenceville, GA, and we have a vast selection of compost for your lawn and garden. Call us today at 770-285-0519 to place your order. We can discuss the ideal compost type with you and then get your order ready for pick-up at our Park Access Drive location. We also offer delivery options to our customers.