3 Landscape Issues When Winter Ends

It’s always refreshing to see winter leave, but that might mean that you’re about to see some problems that you need to correct. Winter can do a real number on your grass and on your plants and flowers. Luxury Landscape Supply understands how daunting the prospect of fixing winter’s harsh effects can be. Here are some of the biggest issues to look for in your own lawn.

Burns from Salt Bring a Lot of Damage

Most areas use some sort of salt solution, either the crystals themselves or brine, in order to deal with winter precipitation. That’s all well and good when you need traction in the winter, but it wreaks havoc on your lawn and your plants. When the weather clears up, you might start to notice that your grass and plants are chemically burned where road salts might have connected with them. If the plants are close enough to the road, spray from passing traffic can hit more of the plant than you realize until you see the extent of the damage.

Drainage Issues Create Water Features You Don’t Want

Winter precipitation, either from rain or from snow and ice melt, really adds up. When that happens, your lawn gets more water than you might have expected. Drainage issues can start to show up very quickly and you might even find that you’re dealing with a pond where you didn’t have one before. Dealing with grading issues can help, but there might be more that needs to be done in order to correct the drainage issues. You might have gone for a long time with no trouble, but a sudden increase in precipitation amounts makes a big difference.

Mold Growth Creates Unsightly Messes

Another side effect of too much moisture in your yard is that mold grows so easily in moist conditions. All molds are a type of fungus that thrive with little light and lots of water. So, if you’ve had a wetter winter than usual, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be dealing with some mold spots when spring makes an appearance. It’s obvious that you’re dealing with mold because the grass or plants will be damaged, if not dead. The mold itself might be pink or gray, and it might look fuzzy, like it’s growing hair.

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Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay