4 Benefits of Adding a Bird Bath to Your Garden

Your garden is your oasis. We’ve already talked in the past about adding water elements to the space to increase the sense of relaxation and beauty. One of those water elements is a bird bath. This simple water feature, which you can buy or build yourself, gives you and your feathered friends enjoyment throughout the day. We here at Luxury Landscape believe there are four primary benefits to putting a bird bath in your garden. Here is what they are.

You Can Bird Watch

Birds are fascinating creatures. Your cat might watch them because it’s thinking “Lunch!”, but you can watch them, too. The more birds you attract to your bird bath the more you’ll be amazed by the different varieties and colors of our avian friends. Pour yourself a refreshing drink and sit in your favorite patio chair. Close your eyes and listen to the birds sing. Feel better already? Just don’t let the cat out!

Teach the Kids

Head to the local bookstore and buy a book about bird species, or bring your laptop or tablet onto the patio with you. Have the kids sit down and teach them about the different bird species indigenous to Georgia. Study the birds playing in your bird bath, and then see if you can find them in the book or online. Read about the bird and its habits once you identify what it is.

Protect the Rest of Your Garden

Bird baths not only attract birds but also beneficial insects, such as bees and wasps. Okay, admittedly, you don’t want to get into a tangle with either, but these insects along with the birds eat the other insects that feed on your garden, including your fruit trees and vegetables. This natural form of pest control helps reduce the need for dangerous pesticide intervention.

Aerate Your Soil

As birds search for the insects they like to eat, such as ants and worms, they kick up your soil with their beaks and feet. This action helps to keep your soil aerated, which is crucial to plant health. In fact, did you know that plants can die just as easily in compact soil that is moist but doesn’t have enough air as they can if they are in dry soil? Aerated soil is critical to the health of your garden.

Add a bird bath or two to your landscaping plan. Better yet, get the supplies to build a custom bird bath stand, such as stone and pavers, and then decorate the basin with river rock. We have what you need at Luxury Landscape in Lawrenceville, GA. Call us today at 770-285-0519.

Photo by Dcookd from Getty Images via Canva Pro