4 Benefits of Retaining Walls in Your Landscape Design

Retaining walls are beautiful and practical, and it doesn’t get much better than that. Depending on your property’s size and slope, you may want retaining walls for appearance and/or soil retention. Luxury Landscape Supply has the materials you need to build customized retaining walls throughout your property. Here are five benefits of these walls that will help you decide if you want or need them.

1. Soil Support

The most common reason why retaining walls are built is to support soil. Sloped landscape washes away in our heavy Georgia rains. Retaining walls keep the soil in place and allow you to build sections of soil in your yard for gardening purposes. The walls will support the soil during downpours so it doesn’t runoff, keeping your flowers and vegetables growing safely where they’re happy and thriving.

2. Prevents Runoff Consequences

If your soil does runoff with the water of a heavy rain, you’ll end up dirt piles and sinkholes. Depending on how deep the sinkholes are, you could be looking at serious danger in your yard. If you build your retaining walls strategically – where they’re needed most – you won’t find yourself shoveling dirt off the sidewalk and street and tossing it back into holes in your yards. You’ve got better things to do.

3. Prevents Floods

Retaining walls also prevent flooding, this is why you see them along the coastline. If you have areas surrounding your property that are prone to flooding, retaining walls will protect your property from flood damage by keeping the water outside of your yard rather than flowing into it. This not only saves your ground soil and garden but also helps prevent flood damage to your home.

4. Prevents Erosion

Ground erosion can be devastating to your property. It can reduce the overall value of your land and expose crucial systems such as your underground plumbing and gas lines Erosion can also damage your home by exposing your foundation to the elements. Retaining walls support the land rather than erode it. They strengthen weak areas to prevent the ground from eroding and the resulting consequences.

If you’d like to talk more about retaining walls, stop by Luxury Landscape Supply. We are located in Lawrenceville, GA, and we can offer you ideas and show you photos of previous retaining wall projects to inspire you. We have all the supplies you need for your retaining walls in one place, so call us today at 770-285-0519 to discuss your retaining wall ideas further.

Image by M W from Pixabay