4 Landscaping Trends in 2021

Can you believe we’ll be ushering in 2021 in another month? This year has flown by! It’s time to talk about landscaping trends that will be popular in 2021, and Luxury Landscape Supply has the stuff you need to turn your yards into trendy spaces. Landscaping and design experts agree that the following four things will be in high demand next year, so get ready to renovate your yard space now.

1. An Impressive Oasis

One of the purposes of an outdoor space is to relax. Many people are choosing staycations over vacations, and you can turn your backyard into nirvana. Design a courtyard where you can sit and unwind. Include a high-quality outdoor speaker system to enjoy relaxing music, and make sure to light the space beautifully so you can enjoy at night. Don’t forget the outdoor cooking space, either.

2. Quality Furniture and Décor

Don’t forget to purchase or build quality and comfortable furniture and treat it for outdoor use to protect it from the elements. Use a ton of pillows to increase your comfort, and make sure you have plenty of blankets or a central fire pit for cold nights. Decorate your oasis, too, with paintings and other unique décor. Just because your oasis is outside doesn’t mean it can’t have an indoor feel to it.

3. Join the Space With Your Garden

Fluidity is a trend for 2021 landscaping. Your oasis should have plenty of beautiful paths that lead to your garden. Illuminate the walkways at night with soft yet effective lighting and line them with potted plants that fit in with the overall theme. There should be fluidity between the two spaces yet a sense of separation, as well. Your oasis is a place to relax and the garden a place to stop and smell the roses.

4. Make Privacy a Priority

Finally, privacy is also a 2021 landscaping trend. This isn’t so much that you want to become a hermit; it’s more a total escape from your daily grind. Use plants or build walls around your oasis. They don’t have to be super high but they will give you a sense of privacy. You can also build a pergola and designate that as your oasis. Just make sure to avoid covering any space that has a fire pit.

Call or stop by Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, for the supplies you need to build your outdoor escape space. You’ll be surprised at how happy you will be that you followed this 2021 landscaping trend.

Photo by Hugh86 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro
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