4 Stone Types for Your Exterior Landscaping

Whether you’d like to replace your concrete walkways and driveway with stone or add facing to your home’s exterior, Luxury Landscape Supply offers four different stone types to choose from to help you beautify your outdoors. The type of stone you choose depends on your design plan and individual taste. You might want a classic look that takes your home back centuries or a modern take on stone paving. Here’s what we have in stock to help you decide.


Cultured stone is a lightweight option that looks much heavier than it is. As its name suggests, cultured stone is manmade from natural stone products. The stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from brick-like to round, and you can choose from earth-tone shades such as tan or gray. Some culture stone is veined, accenting the base color with gold, copper, or silver striations.


As its name suggests, you’ll find fieldstone in fields. Usually, this stone is found on field surfaces or, at the very least, near the fields. Fieldstone has a rough, rustic look, and many of our customers use it to build retaining walls. They lay the stone pieces flat on top of each other. This unique idea will draw positive attention to your home, especially if retaining walls will help with ground erosion.


Flagstone is perfect for driveways, patios, and walkways. This natural stone is flat and can be as small as a dinner plate or as large as a dustbin lid. Flagstone also works well as stair risers, or you can build walls with it by laying it flat like fieldstone or stacking it on its end for a more dramatic effect. Some people even use flagstone for their roofs. This stone can be thin, thick, or in between.


Finally, a thin veneer is quite versatile. This natural stone is thin, as its name suggests, with a thickness of only about 1 1/2 inches. Thin veneer is lightweight, so it’s perfect for siding and walls. Depending on the veneer style, you can give your home an old-fashioned look as discussed above, or opt for modern stone siding by choosing different stone colors to create a pattern.

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Photo by Yesim Sahin from Getty Images via Canva Pro