5 Places on Your Property Where People Can Slip and Fall

You don’t think of people slipping and falling at your home. That only happens in places of business, right? Unfortunately, that is wrong. People can slip and fall on your property and, as with a business, they can hold you liable for any injuries if the cause of the fall is your fault. What places on your property could put you in legal harm’s way? Luxury Landscape Supply lists five problems below.

1. Driveway

If you have a cement driveway, it will crack over time and might end up with potholes. Tree roots can also lift the concrete, causing bumps over which people can trip. Stone or paver driveways can lift in places from tree roots or because the dirt is settling underneath some of the pieces. Any unevenness can cause a slip-and-fall accident.

2. Patio/porch

The same holds true for your patios and porches. As they age, cracks and lifting can occur that can make them dangerous. Inspect your patios and porches to see if there is any place where the material is uneven; places where people could easily trip over or get their foot caught. It’s important to fix these areas before more damage occurs.

3. Stairs

The stairs leading up to your porches and any stairs in the yard must be safe. This is one area where slip-and-fall accidents occur the most. If the stairs are uneven, broken, or hard to see in the dark, it’s very easy for someone to trip over them or fall down them. Consider replacing the stairs on the outside of your property if they’re a trip hazard.

4. Walkways

Walkways are not immune to cracks and lifting either. At night, people can easily fall on unlit walkways, especially if the walkways have an uneven top surface. Inspect your walkways regularly to see where tree roots might start to lift them. Make sure to treat them to protect them from the weather, too. Light the walkways at night.

5. Yard

Finally, your yard itself could pose falling hazards. If you have a yard that runs off when it rains, is uneven, or has steep inclines, people can easily lose their footing. Grading the yard into levels and building retaining walls helps prevent tripping and falling. It also stops water runoff, soil erosion, and the possibility of serious injury.

Prevent slips and falls on your property with the supplies you need to repair your driveway, patios, porches, stairs, and walkways as well as to build retaining walls. Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, is your one-stop-shop for all the supplies you need.

Photo by ferdie2551 from Getty Images via Canva Pro
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