Five Things That Will Damage Your Driveway

You might be surprised to learn that a little thing such as the condition of your driveway can affect your home’s value. Cracked, stained, and damaged driveways not only make the outside of the home look unappealing but can also increase the chances of someone falling and getting injured. Luxury Landscape Supply lists five things that can damage your driveway to help you avoid them.

1. Weight

Concrete has weight limits as do pavers and other driveway materials. If you have a bad habit of parking heavy vehicles on the driveway, vehicles that weigh too much for it such as an RV, you might end up with premature cracking and other damage. If you’re having work done on your home, make sure to tell the construction crew to keep their heavy vehicles off your driveway, as well.

2. Corrosion

The most common cause of driveway corrosion is rock salt, but we don’t use that here in Lawrenceville, GA. This does not mean, however, that we don’t have other corrosives that affect your driveway. Leaking automobile fluids, oil and other grime from the road, and even pesticides or storm drain runoff can weaken your driveway and cause corrosion damage such as cracking or sinking.


The beautiful tree that shades your driveway is also going to ruin it someday. Tree roots are murder on concrete and foundations. As they grow underneath the driveway, they can cause it to lift and buckle. Sometimes, the damage is only cracking; other times, the buckles raise the driveway surface in places and cause hazardous tripping conditions. Plant foliage away from the driveway to avoid root damage.

4. Garden Tools

Your lawnmower, shovels, hoes, and even the weed whacker can damage your driveway. If you hit the driveway constantly with mower blades or a metal shovel, you will weaken the concrete to the point of possibly chipping it away or cracking it. Be careful when tending to your garden around your damaged driveways and walkways. Use caution around the porch and patios, too, to avoid damaging the concrete.

5. No Storm Protection

Finally, things can get pretty wet here in Georgia, and seal-coating your driveway will protect it from the weather. Seal-coating a driveway protects it from the wet rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays, waterproofing and sun protecting it if you will. Seal-coating also protects the driveway from stains and damage due to falling branches, rocks, and windblown objects from the road.

If your driveway is already damaged, call Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA. We have the supplies you need for a new driveway, including a custom paver or rock one.