Create Your Garden Oasis Using Color

Psychiatrists agree that colors produce strong emotions and years of science support their theory. You will feel certain emotions when you look at colors, which is one reason why Japanese gardens use so many of them. You can create a garden oasis designed to stir the emotions you wish to feel using colors as part of your plan. Luxury Landscape Supply can help with the supplies you need.

More Than Flowers

Your garden is more than a green lawn and pretty flowers. You can use landscaping materials such as decorative gravel and mulch to add color. You can build retaining walls using colorful brick and stone. You can even build a koi pond and use the brightly-hued fish to add color to your garden oasis. Pavers, slate, and stone will help you build patios and walkways to finish the oasis with a stunning touch.

Colors and Your Emotions

According to Psychology Today, colors affect emotions. You may have heard that blue is calming and red instigates anger. This is true but it goes much deeper than that. For example, red also boosts a person’s attraction when he or she stands in front of it or wears it. Red also strengthens us. Ever notice red walls in your gym? That’s why. Red encourages power. Other reactions to colors include

  • Green boosts creativity
  • Violet is considered sophisticated
  • Yellows make people feel happy and cheerful
  • Purple elicits courage and pride
  • Pink also makes people feel cheerful

Although you see white in many gardens, white, gray, and black make people feel cold and mournful. White flowers are a great accent, especially baby’s breath, but they shouldn’t be a strong theme in the garden. Choose other colors such as pinks, reds, purples, and yellows to bring about positive emotions and smiles on everyone’s faces. Oranges work well, too, as they make people think of sunshine.

Other Calming Garden Elements

As mentioned above, many people find koi ponds a wonderful element to add to their gardens. The fish are beautiful and the water is calming. In fact, adding fountains to your garden is a wonderful way to boost your outdoor relaxation. You can use small and large ones throughout. Finally, use hummingbird and birdseed feeders to draw birds to your yard. You’ll enjoy their songs and watching them eat.

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Image by Gaby Stein from Pixabay