Do I Need a Retaining Wall This Winter?

If you suffer from soil erosion and water runoff in the winter, then the answer to the titled question is yes. Fall is an excellent time to build retaining walls on your property to prepare for the winter storms. We get more precipitation in February and March in Lawrenceville, Georgia than any other time during the year. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Grab the supplies you need from Luxury Landscape Supply and get going on that retaining wall. Here are some benefits you will reap after you’ve built it.

Flood Control

If there are areas in your yard that flood every winter, build a retaining wall to control the water runoff. If the flooding is severe, you might also consider installing a storm drain. If you already have storm drains, make sure they’re clear of dirt and debris. If the flooding in your yard is coming from the street or property above you, you can build a retaining wall to protect your property.

Soil Control

The more your property floods the more soil erosion. If portions of your property are hilly, you probably deal with soil erosion every time it rains. You cannot afford to have your property mudslide into the street or neighboring homes during each rain, and a retaining wall can stop the soil from flowing away from your home. Think about how your soil erodes and then build the walls to keep it in place.

Gardening Elements

Controlling flooding and soil erosion with retaining walls also adds wonderful gardening elements to your property. Hilly terrain can be leveled with retaining walls to support each tier. Then, you can plant whatever you want in each tier for a beautiful layered effect. You can also use stone, pavers, or different types of bricks for a patterned effect and to enhance the beauty of your retaining walls and garden. 

Boost Property Value

All of this does one thing: boosts your property’s value. Not only do the retaining walls offer beauty and versatility, but they also prevent property damage from heavy rainstorms and hurricanes. Should you ever decide to put your home on the market, you can show potential buyers that the land is already protected from flooding, runoff, and soil erosion, which makes it easier for you to up your asking price. 

Stop by Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, and browse our selection of bricks and stone for your retaining walls. The supplies will inspire your wall designs. Call us today at 770-285-0519.

Photo by HaiGala from Getty Images via Canva Pro