Fire Pit Safety Tips for Your Spring Gatherings

Spring is finally here and it’s time for some outdoor gatherings with family and friends. The evenings are still cool, which is why a fire pit is a perfect accessory for your outdoor entertaining space. Luxury Landscape Supply has the supplies you need for a custom-built fire pit perfect for your backyard space. Here are some safety tips to ensure the gatherings are filled with nothing but joy.

Location Counts

It’s all about location when it comes to fire pits. You need to build the pit on a level surface that is not covered. Do not place the pit under a covered patio or under any trees. Also, avoid placing the pit near fences or anything else that could catch on fire.

Wood Counts, Too

Most people prefer wood-burning fire pits in their yard because of the sounds and smells. It’s important to use the correct wood in your fire pit to avoid excess sparks. Choose seasoned hardwoods and avoid construction materials that can release harmful fumes. Don’t overload your fire pit or leave any wood sticking out of it.

No Accelerants

Build your fire in the fire pit much like you would build one in the fireplace. Do not be tempted to toss a log in the fire pit and coat it with an accelerant such as lighter fluid, gasoline, or charcoal fluid. It’s extremely dangerous to use fuel accelerants in a fire pit, so get the fire going with plenty of kindling and patience.

Screen It

Covering your fire pit with a safety screen will help prevent the embers and sparks that naturally float through the air from making their way onto you and your guests. The screen should be heat resistant. Two good materials from which the screen can be made are cast iron or steel.

Watch the Weather

If it’s going to be a windy night, do not use your fire pit. Always check the weather before you plan to fire things up to ensure that you don’t burn wood in your fire pit on a night where the conditions will rapidly spread the fire. Also, make sure that it’s okay to use your fire pit per your city’s regulations.

Mind the Pit

Never leave the fire pit unattended, even for just a second. Make sure there is always someone responsible sitting around the pit to avoid fire dangers. Be careful while you are enjoying the fire pit, as well. Don’t drink so much that you become careless, avoid wearing loose clothing, and always make sure the fire pit is extinguished completely before going to bed.

As we said above, Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, has the supplies you need for a custom-built fire pit. Give us a call today or stop by our supply center.

Photo by oneillbro from Getty Images via Canva Pro