Fix Your Patio and Walkways Now Before the Holidays Begin

Now is the time to spruce up your outdoor space before the holidays begin. Are you ready for the influx of family and friends between November and December? What about New Year’s Eve celebrations? It doesn’t seem possible that we’re talking about this already, but it’s October, so the countdown begins. Think about who is coming to visit and what you should take care of first. Here’s what we here at Luxury Landscape Supply mean.

Fix the Patio

Is your patio a great place to enjoy a cool fall afternoon or do you keep the drapes closed so you can’t see it? What about sitting around a fire pit at night with family visiting from out of town? Do you have a workable pit? Do you have places for everyone to sit? Fix your cracked patio now so your holiday guests can enjoy the outdoors. Replace cracked concrete with beautiful stone pavers for an original look.

Replace Cracked Walkways

Now is the time to take care of those cracked and old walkways, too. Not only are they dangerous, posing a tripping risk to everyone who walks on them, but they can also take away from your home’s exterior aesthetic and overall value. As with the patio, use stone, pavers, or brick to create custom, stunning walkways and then light them up with solar lighting so people can see them day or night.

Build Outdoor Entertaining Space

If you’ve always dreamt of an outdoor entertaining space, it isn’t too late. Bring holiday cheer to all who visit your home with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, lighting, and comfortable furniture. A custom fire pit is perfect to entertain your family from out of town. The adults can enjoy wine and the kids can gobble down s’mores. Install a retractable cover to protect against the rain when the weather goes bad.

Celebrate the Holidays Different This Year

What all of this means is two-fold. First, you not only make your patio and walkways safer by repairing the wear and tear, but you also boost the value of your home and give you and your guests holiday memories different from any other year. When was the last time you opened up presents outside around a fire pit with hot cocoa? How about ringing in the New Year under the stars?

Luxury Landscape Supply has the building supplies you need for your patio, walkways, fire pit, porch, and whatever else you can think of.

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