How Landscaping Can Boost Property on the Real Estate Market

Whether you’re a homeowner, property investor, or Realtor, landscaping properties that are on the market increase your chances of selling them. Luxury Landscape Supply has the tools and supplies you need to turn a property’s exterior from uninviting to irresistible. Here are ways landscaping makes selling residential or commercial easier and much more profitable.

Boosts Property Values

The bottom line is this: Landscaped property sells for more than a property that isn’t landscaped. Some buyers want to purchase property that needs to be fixed up to renovate it exactly how they want to, but most people want to purchase property as is rather than spend additional money over the purchase price. Landscaping the property boosts its value and, thereby, the purchase price.

Enhances Curb Appeal

People don’t just look at real estate signs when they’re browsing neighborhoods and commercial areas for the property. They look at the property, too, and if the landscaping is minimal at best or horrible at worst, they’ll drive right by. If you’re a Realtor, you know how important curb appeal is. In other words, the property has to pop when people see it from the street, and landscaping can help with that.

Gives Buyers What They Want

Homebuyers want luxurious outdoor space as much as they want luxurious indoor space these days so that you won’t get by with just a pretty lawn and some flowers. People want outdoor entertaining spaces complete with kitchens, fire pits, and plenty of gorgeous walkways throughout the property. They also want a front porch to die for where they can sit outside in the summer with a glass of lemonade.

Increases Safety

Landscaped property is safer than a property that hasn’t been graded properly and paved where necessary. Exterior landscaping should include driveways, walkways, leveling, stairways, and lighting that improves the property’s safety and reduces the chances of falls. The sloping or steep property, or property for sale that has cracked driveways and walkways, is just asking for an accident to happen.

Reduces Erosion

Finally, soil erosion is a problem in any wet climate, and Lawrenceville, GA, has a wet climate. Before putting any property on the market, grade it, and build retaining walls to ensure no runoff or soil erosion. This might seem like a minor problem, but home and commercial buyers do not want to deal with their new property flowing into the street or neighbors’ yards. Retain the property properly.

Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, has all the landscaping supplies you need to boost your property’s sale. Contact us today to place an order.

Photo by Jupiterimages from Photo Images via Canva Pro