How to Clean Your Stone Pavers for a Picture-Perfect Patio

Your stone-paver patio was gorgeous when you first installed it, wasn’t it? You can get that beautiful look again; you just need to know how to clean the stone pavers safely. The cleaning method you choose will depend on how much grime has built up on the pavers and where they’re at with their luster factor. Luxury Landscape Supply can help with new pavers if your stone cannot be cleaned, but let’s talk about cleaning the pavers first.

Power-Washing for Extremely Dirty Pavers

If your patio and walkway stone pavers are in really grimy shape, the only way to get them clean could be pressure-washing. You can rent a pressure washer to blast through grime buildup and stains, but we don’t recommend power-washing old stone pavers that might not be able to stand up to the high water pressure. It’s important to use the lowest pressure setting possible to avoid damaging the pavers.

Other Ways to Keep Your Stone Pavers Clean

To prevent the need for power-washing, it’s important to keep your stone pavers clean throughout the year. Sweep them regularly to avoid dirt and gravel from being ground down into them when you walk on the patio and walkways. You can also clean your stone pavers with soap and water. Combine a gentle formula of dish soap with hot water in a bucket and use a sponge or old rag to scrub away at the stains.

If you prefer to use white vinegar and water, this, too, will clean the pavers, and don’t worry about the smell. White vinegar smells dissipate as the vinegar dries and, if your pets have a bad habit of peeing on the pavers, the vinegar will take that unpleasant odor with it. You can combine the two, as well. First, soak the pavers in white vinegar and water and then wash them with soap and water.

Additional Things That Damage Your Stone Pavers

Dirt, grime, and animal urination aren’t the only things that ruin your pavers. Weeds, grout rot, and impact damage can crack the stone pavers and ruin the grout used between them. It’s important to remove any weeds growing between your pavers right away, and then re-grout the unstable areas. If your pavers get cracked, replace them, and always seal your pavers to protect them from the elements.

We’ve got what you need here at Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA. Give us a call today to discuss your stone paver patio and walkways.

Photo by Eb1aineski from Getty Images via Canva Pro