How to Re-Sod Your Lawn

It’s getting to be the time of the year when you and the kids spend all of your time out in the yard. You want a luxurious lawn on which you can play, eat, and relax. Luxury Landscape Supply has the sod you need to restore your lawn to its original glory. Here are the steps that you need to take to re-sod the lawn now so you have a beautiful, lush, green carpet in the summer.

Clear Away the Old Lawn

Your first step is to clear away the old lawn or the patches of your old lawn that you want to re-sod. The best way to do this is to rent a rotary tiller. This will make it much easier to rip up the old, dead lawn. Make sure you wear the appropriate safety equipment, including safety glasses, before you use the tiller. Clear the area until you have nothing left but fresh dirt.

Rake the Fresh Dirt

Grab a garden rake and rake the fresh dirt to make sure there aren’t any sticks or clumps of old grass in it. Any grass under the sod will kill the sod and you’ll end up with dead spots. After you have raked the soil and it is nothing but fresh soil, wet down the area so that the soil is nice and moist. You want to make sure you have plenty of fresh and wet dirt in which the sod can root.

Lay the Sod

Grab your first role of sod and lay it along the dirt. When you grab the next role of sod, unroll it with an off-set seam so your sod rolls look as if you are laying bricks instead of sod. Use a utility knife to cut sod strips so they fit perfectly in smaller places and curved spaces. Think of it as if you are cutting carpet to fit perfectly in your home. Lay the sod tightly so that the seams are tight up against each other.

Hose it Down

Make sure that you keep the sod wet as you lay it down in your yard and hose it down so that it’s nice and wet once you’re done. After the sod has been watered, use a sod roller – you may need to rent one – to gently press the sod down into the existing soil. Roll over each sod row thoroughly. Make sure to keep your sod watered properly after it’s installed to ensure it takes root and grows.

Luxury Landscape Supply has the sod you need to re-sod your lawn in Lawrenceville, GA. Give us a call or stop by our shop today.

Photo by wabeno from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro