Outdoor Fire Pit Safety Tips to Keep You Safe This Summer

Summer nights outdoors are even better with a fire pit. Not only does the fire pit provide a relaxing glow, but you can also enjoy campfire goodies such as s’mores in your own backyard. Luxury Landscape Supply has the things you need to build your outdoor fire pit, so give us a call or stop by. Once the pit is completed, follow these safety tips to ensure you enjoy the outdoor amenity for years to come.

Considerations Before You Build the Pit

Before you build your fire pit take into account a few things to make certain it is safe to use once completed. Build your fire pit on a flat surface. Uneven or hilly surfaces allow the fire to escape from the pit and set your property on fire. Build the pit in an open area that has 10 feet of clearance from things such as your home, patio coverings, fences, and trees. Use rough, dry stones to build the pit.

Safety Tips When You Use the Fire Pit

Once your fire pit is completed and ready to use, take into account the following to maximize your family and friend’s enjoyment and minimize the fire pit danger:

  • Only use the fire pit on days and nights when there is no wind. Wind will carry embers from the pit to your home, trees, and surrounding areas.
  • Don’t use anything other than dry wood and sticks as kindling to start the fire in the pit. Charcoal lighter fluid, gas, kerosene, or any other accelerant can easily burn out of control.
  • Never leave the fire pit unattended, no matter how small the fire is. You never know when something like the wind picking up can spread the flames.
  • Keep an eye on everyone around the fire pit including your pets. Everyone should maintain a safe distance from the flames and goofing off around the pit leads to danger.

Setting ground rules for the fire pit is important, especially if you have teenagers who want to use it. Fire in a fire pit is not as controlled as a fire in a fireplace, so safety first at all times.

Extinguishing the Fire

Once the evening ends and everyone is ready to go inside, it’s important to safely extinguish the fire in the fire pit rather than just leave it. To do so

  • Pour water over the fire to put it out
  • Spread the ashes after the fire is out to cool them
  • Add more water if the ashes are not cooling down
  • Leave the fire pit only when you can touch the ashes with your bare hands

The fire should be completely extinguished with no signs of burning embers, heat, or smoke. You should also have a fire extinguisher close by in the event the fire pit goes crazy. 

As we said in the beginning of this post, Luxury Landscape Supply has the stones you need to build your fire pit. We’re located in Lawrenceville, GA, and you can call us at 770-285-0519.

Photo by Oneillbro from Getty Images via Canva Pro