Pros and Cons of Landscape Fabric

Landscape fabric is a helpful tool when laying down decorative sand and rock in your garden. As with anything, this fabric has both pros and cons. Luxury Landscape offers top-quality landscape fabric to our customers to ensure they’re using only the best fabric on the market. Here are some things to consider about landscape fabric while creating your exterior design plan.

Landscape Fabric Pros

The number one reason why people lay down landscape fabric is to prevent weed growth. This ground cover prevents seeds underneath it from sprouting and growing. You won’t have weeds or the need to kill them with dangerous herbicides. It also helps keep the soil underneath the fabric moist because it prevents evaporation. Heavier fabrics can prevent soil erosion and washout, too.

Landscape Fabric Cons

To be completely honest, most of the cons of using landscape fabric are moot if you use it underneath rocks or sand. Landscape fabric prevents earthworms from thriving underneath it. It prevents natural mulch, such as pine needles or dead leaves, from nourishing your soil. Weeds can grow on top of the fabric, but this generally doesn’t happen until the fabric is quite old.

Landscape Fabric Tips

Most people find landscape fabric very beneficial to their garden. When they lay it down underneath decorative elements like sand and rocks, they don’t have to worry about weeds growing up for years. The key to preventing weed growth on top is to keep the rock or sand clean. If the rock is heavy enough, you can remove dirt and debris with a leaf blower. This removes the material the weeds need to root, which will prevent them from growing on top of the fabric.

That’s just one tip. You can also get the most out of your landscape fabric by purchasing only professional-grade material, which is what we sell. If you do want to use the soil underneath the fabric someday for plant growth, add organic matter to the soil now. This will make the soil ready for planting once you pull up the fabric. Finally, use plenty of fabric – overlap it – to ensure it stays in place and weeds don’t have the chance to grow through the edges.

Luxury Landscape in Lawrenceville, GA, has plenty of landscape fabric to choose from that will be perfect for your garden. You can place your order by calling us at 770-285-0519. We will help you select the best landscape fabric for your groundcover and gardening needs.

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