Protect Your Garden This Summer With Mulch

Your garden suffers once the temperatures rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A series of things happen that dry out the plants and trees and stops crucial photosynthesis. One way to ensure your plants and trees keep cool during the summer is to layer the ground around them with mulch from Luxury Landscape. This material protects your garden from summer heat and retains photosynthesis abilities.

Shades the Soil

You already see the effects of mulch in your garden. When you water, shaded areas of your garden stay moist longer than the ground soil in the direct sunlight. Mulch is an effective way to shade all ground soil in your front and back yards. You spread an even layer of mulch over the ground around your plants and trees to shade the soil underneath. You can choose dyed mulch to add color accents, as well.

Reduces Water Loss

The shaded ground soil retains moisture, which keeps the ground cooler and your plants and trees happier. Mulch’s effect is as if your plants and trees stepped under the shade as you do on a hot summer day. Temperatures underneath shade can be reduced by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more, and your garden seeks that cooling relief as much as you do when you’re out in the sun.

Prevents Transpiration

Foliage sweats just as we do. The sweating process is called “transpiration.” Like us, water evaporates through the leaves’ pores, which are called stomata. The more water that exits the stomata the cooler but also drier plants and trees become. Foliage drinks water to rehydrate, but if the ground soil is dry, the plants and trees cannot find the water they need to replenish the H2O lost during transpiration.

Encourages Photosynthesis

Once the plants and trees are too dry, they close their stomata to retain what little water they have left. This creates an unfortunate event: The plants stop photosynthesizing. When foliage closes its stomata to stay cool, it can no longer absorb carbon dioxide, a crucial gas needed to photosynthesize. This prevents the plants from creating and releasing oxygen into the air, something we all rely on them to do.

Reduces Water Bill

This can be avoided by keeping the ground soil in which your plants and trees grow moist and, you guessed it, mulch retains moisture much longer to help prevent water loss and, as a result, excess transpiration and photosynthesis loss. One other advantage that our customers love the most? When your garden’s soil retains water you water less, which adds up to a reduced water bill every month.

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