Signs My Yard Has Drainage Problems

Drainage problems can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Not only can the excess water kill the flora but it can also ruin your home’s foundation. Luxury Landscape Supply advises that there are ways you can tell whether your property has drainage problems. Here’s what they are.

Pooling Water

Also called standing water, if water pools after it rains, it is not draining from your property properly. When it rains outside, water should drain from your property rather than settle on it. We get a lot of rain here in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and properties without drainage become marshes. If this is your property, you have drainage problems.

Your property may not become a marsh but you may end up with standing water underneath your downspouts. If this is the case, this, too, is a sign that your property needs drainage. Water should disperse and drain out of the property rather than puddling underneath your downspouts. If this isn’t happening, you need a drainage solution.

Soggy Ground

Soggy ground all the time also suggests that your property isn’t draining properly. As we said above, if your property feels as if it is a marshland, you’ve got too much water in the soil and it needs to be drained from it. You might also have excess growth on the property because of the excess water. If you’re weeding all the time, there’s too much moisture.


Another sign that your property isn’t draining as it should is fissures or rivulets in the soil. You can visibly see these fissures and rivulets. You might also suffer from soil erosion every time it rains. Your soil will erode and run off into the street or into neighboring properties. This is definitely a sign you need to install a drainage system in your yard.

Water Stains

Finally, as we said above, excess water can ruin your home’s foundation. If you have water stains all along the bottom of your home, and if there is constant puddling on your patios, porch, and walkways, you have too much water on your property. This water can eventually ruin the concrete and cause it to crack. This can be disastrous for the foundation underneath your home.

Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, has the supplies you need to build drainage on your property so you no longer have to deal with excess water ruining your landscaping and your foundation. Check out our website for drainage ideas. We have drainage solutions that will fit within your budget.

Photo by MarieTDebs from Getty Images via Canva Pro