Steps to Lay Down Sod

Do-it-yourself gardeners cannot wait to lay down new sod in anticipation of the luxurious lawn they will have all summer long. What they don’t realize is laying down sod is harder than they might think. We don’t want you to fail in your do-it-yourself sod endeavor, which is why we here at Luxury Landscape offer top sod for sale and the steps below to lay it down. Your beautiful lawn is a few steps away.

Soil Prep Is Key

Sod won’t grow if the soil underneath it isn’t prepared properly. Remove all debris, including stones and twigs to ensure the soil is soft, clean, and ready for the sod to take hold. Conduct a soil test to make sure it contains a pH level of 6.5 to 7.0. If the pH level is off, you’ll need soil additives to adjust it.

Add Topsoil

Sift your soil to make sure you break up all the clods. Clods, especially large ones, will prevent the sod from taking hold and growing. If you have ground soil that has a lot of clay in it or is sandy, you’ll need to lay down a healthy, organic topsoil to improve your yard’s overall ground condition.

Create a Smooth Top Layer

Once you’ve laid down the topsoil, grab your garden rake and smooth everything to create a flat surface for your sod rolls. Don’t stop there. It’s best to compact the ground and topsoil gently with a lawn roller. This gives the sod the perfect growing surface to dig down into the soil and flourish.

Lay Your Sod

It’s best to lay down the sod on a cool day. Hot weather stresses the sod, so lay it down in the early morning or evening after the sun has set if summer weather is upon you. Moisten the ground first and then place your sod strips in a brick pattern. Unroll them gently so they fit together tightly.

Cut and Press Your Sod

Use a good spade or utility knife to cut the sod strips in the areas where they are too long. You can dispose of the cut strips or use them in other places in your garden where they might fit. Once the sod is in place, gently press the sod with a sod roller to remove any air pockets.

Water the Sod

Finally, water your sod immediately after you have laid it down and then every day for about two to three weeks (unless it rains). The sod needs the moisture to take root. Make sure you saturate the soil about 4 inches down and do not mow your sod until you feel resistance when you gently tug it.

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