Synthetic Stone: Which Do I Choose?

Building a home? Need an update? Do you love the look of stone but don’t know which to choose? Synthetic stone is a great option for the inside, outside, and any accessory around your home. These stones are lighter than natural stone which make them easier to install while still giving you the look that you’ve been dreaming of!

What Is Synthetic Stone?

Synthetic stone, also called faux stone, cultured stone, or just fake stone is made of concrete and mimics natural stone. When your natural stone options are limited by the availability of your area, synthetic is a great option with many styles and colors so you can achieve that Arizona look right here in Georgia! Other than the vast selection of styles and each having their own unique colors, synthetic is also easy to install, light weight and requires less rock chipping which is great for someone who isn’t familiar with masonry work.

The Process

The first step in our process is taking each customer and finding a style they like. There will be different colors in each style or “profile” of stone, so don’t fall in love with a color if you can’t find a style you like first. Basic style options that you will commonly see are stacked stone, ledgestone, or fieldstone veneers as shown below.

If you are installing yourself and unsure of the difficulty of it, try to lean towards a tight stacked stone or ledgestone since they have smaller joints, they will be easier to install. A fieldstone look commonly has a good bit of mortar joints in the process. You can also find panels like our El Dorado stacked stone that are easier to install. The panels are the same height but the lengths vary to help give it a more natural look.
The second step is choosing the colors. Again, each style will have its own unique selections of colors. Some styles have colors schemes that are brown, gray and red tones while others can be a mixture of light tans, dark grays and medium reds. If you are trying to select stones to match your home, try and find a main color that you want the eye to draw to and work around that. If you are try to find stones to contrast, pick a color at your home and if its a dark brown, choose a light tan, if its a dark red, choose a light gray. The dramatic difference in colors will give your project a unique look while also bringing attention to the eye!
Finally, before you place your order, take a sample or two home to make sure its exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes the samples may look one way here on our display wall and completely different in the sun. It can also vary depending on the time of day and where the sun hits your property. So keep it for a couple days and see what it looks like!

We Carry Two Diffent Brands Of Syntheic:

El Dorado

This company produces top quality synthetic stones. It is very popular among both homeowners and contractors due to the colors being casted within the stone and also the large selection they provide with both styles and colors.

Dutch Quality

As a sister company to El Dorado, they carry great quality stones and they also have a good selection to choose from. They are also a little more affordable and can save you some money on your project!

Both Dutch Quality And El Dorado Produce Amazing Results And Use Real Stone Molds To Make What A Lot Of People Think Is The Most Real Looking Stone Out There. They Also Carry Other Synthetic Stone Accessories Such As Cap Stones, Key Stones, And Hearths To Make Sure You Have A Cohesive And Fully Finished Look!

How Can We Help?

When it comes to choosing, it’s all about preference! We do everything we can to help make choosing the style and color for your project simpler! We always suggest coming into our indoor showroom and let us help walk you through the process of selecting your stone.

  • BOOKS- Both companies have supplied us with books to show you everything they carry
  • DISPLAYS- We have both displayed in our main office! Though it may not be everything they carry, we can always get them just for you!
  • SAMPLES- Samples upon samples are kept in house. We understand that sometimes they may look different depending on the time of day and the area that your project is taking place, so take one home! See the project come to life in your own home and giving you the reassurance that you’ve picked the right material for you!

Helping Our Customers Achieve Great Results In Their Projects Is Something We Are Passionate About And Can’t Wait To Help You With Yours!

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