The Benefits of a Lush, Natural Lawn

Beauty is the number one benefit of a luxurious, natural lawn. Landscaped yards boost your home’s value and give you and your family the perfect place to play and relax. Luxury Landscape sells sod to both residential and commercial customers, and we have the right sod type for your wants and needs. Not only will you enjoy your outdoor space better, but you’ll also help the environment around you.

Lawns Boost Air Quality

Think back to your science classes. Remember when you learned about photosynthesis and oxygenation? Grass works just as plants do to keep the air clean and oxygenated. The fuller and lusher your lawn is the better it cleans the air. Studies show that each year, a natural lawn

  • Clears 12 million tons of dirt and dust from the air
  • Traps 5 percent of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Stores as much as 300 pounds of carbon to prevent its release
  • Produces daily oxygen needs for up four people

How much the lawn cleans the air and produces oxygen depends on its size. The more grass you have the more it works to boost air quality and prevent greenhouse gases. When combined with your other plant life, you could be helping the environment more than you realize.

Lawns Keep Things Cool and Safe

Lawns don’t just purify the air; they also keep your home cool. Lawns absorb solar heat and cool it down through evaporation. The air above your lawn is 10-to-14-degrees Fahrenheit cooler than asphalt or concrete. If you opted for artificial turf, you’re looking at an air temperature difference of up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit higher than natural grass. The cooler the air outside the less your AC runs.

Lawns also keep groundwater cleaner, which keeps your family safer, and reduces runoff and soil erosion. As water flows through your lawn heading underground, the grass itself acts as a natural purifier. This helps prevent groundwater pollution. The thickness of the grass also protects the soil underneath, giving it stability to fight against water runoff that creates eroding soil conditions.

In fact, when you mow your lawn, the grass clippings decompose and improve the soil quality in your yard. This nourishes the soil and the lawn as well as your emotional well-being. Studies show that people who spend time outdoors enjoying themselves in the sun have a more positive mental outlook. Plus, the color green facilitates a sense of calm and well-being.

Luxury Landscape can help you get a luxurious, green lawn in your front and back yards. Call us today at 770-285-0519 to order your sod rolls and pick them up at our Lawrenceville, GA, location.