The Best Water Elements for Your Garden

Do you love to spend time in a garden with a fountain or pond? There’s a reason why this is so relaxing. Studies show that the gentle sound of moving water reduces stress, decreases tension, and gives you an overall feeling of wellbeing. You can turn your garden into an oasis as we discussed in our last blog post, but don’t forget the water elements. Luxury Landscape Supply has the materials you need to create the ultimate relaxing outdoor environment. Here are some suggestions for your garden water elements.


The wonderful thing about garden fountains is they come in all shapes and sizes and can be built in all shapes and sizes. For example, you might want a large garden fountain to be the centerpiece of your relaxing space and if you have enough property, you can go really big. To increase that relaxing sound of running water, you can add smaller fountains to your patio space, such as table fountains that flow gently over rocks. Even if you have a small garden, a medium-sized fountain can be the central focus.


If you’ve ever been to Japan and visited the Imperial Palace gardens you’ve seen the enormous koi ponds in the center with the enormous koi in the pond! These fish can grow big if they have plenty of space and they are so colorful. Again, depending on your garden acreage, you might be able to build a large pond that surrounds the fountain, or you could always incorporate the fountain into the pond. Even a small pond adds beauty to your garden. Add lily pads and koi to increase your relaxation.


Finally, who doesn’t want a waterfall in their backyard? Thankfully, today’s landscaping supplies and experts can turn your dream of a garden waterfall into a reality. You don’t want Niagara Falls in your backyard. No matter how beautiful the Falls are, that much water pounding down is not relaxing. Rather, measure the waterfall size against your backyard acreage. As with the other two elements discussed in this post, a larger waterfall will work better in a large space. Go small in smaller spaces.

Once you’ve decided on your garden water elements, Visit Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, for the supplies you’ll need. You can call us at 770-285-0519 or stop by our location at 185 Park Access Drive. We’re happy to show you our supplies and help you build the perfect water elements.

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay