Things You Can Build With Building Stone

Building stone is a unique and versatile supply. Not only is each piece different, but there is a selection of different types of building stone that you can use for many different purposes. Luxury Landscape Supply has the building stone you need for your home improvement and landscaping projects. Here are some ideas of things you can build with building stone.


Set off each side of your driveway with columns made of building stone with beautiful lights on top or built into the stone. This is particularly gorgeous if you have a driveway gate. Even if you don’t, these columns can be any size you want them to be and are a unique and stunning way to mark off each side of your driveway.


Get rid of the traditional concrete slab and use stone to create your driveway. This old-fashioned way of laying a roadway will give your home a curbside appeal and make your neighbors jealous. Use stone pavers to turn your driveway into a tiny European cobblestone street that is charming and unique.


Because there are different types of building stones, you can use a different type of stone for your patios. Laying down the stone is relatively easy and it is also simple to maintain. This, as with a driveway, gives your patios personality away from the traditional and boring concrete slabs that stain easily during your barbecues.

Retaining Walls

If you have a problem with soil erosion and water runoff, use building stone to create retaining walls on your property that not only boost its value but also solve your runoff problems. Retaining walls prevent your yard from flowing into your neighbor’s yard or the street during rainstorms and other inclement weather.

Veneer Façades

You can also use building stone inside to create a façade around your fireplace or outside for an outdoor fire pit or pizza oven. Veneer façades also look amazing on the outside of your home’s walls, whether just as strips on the exterior or an entire wall. Building stone is versatile enough to be used for the façades.


Finally, complement your exterior space with walkways made out of stone. Add extra walkways throughout your landscaping to make it easy to access the different areas of your front and back yards without having to plod through the grass. This protects your lawn from constant foot traffic.

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Photo by Yusber Simbolon from Getty Images via Canva Pro