What Is the Difference Between Mulches?

Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to think about your outdoor space. Are you planning on planting some spring flowers? If so, Luxury Landscape Supply has the mulch to keep your new plant life fertilized and moist. Spreading mulch in your garden not only saves water but also helps to keep the soil’s pH level healthy for your plants and trees. Let’s talk about the difference between the mulches we have in stock.


Cypress mulch gets its name because it’s made from cypress trees. The specific trees are bald and pond cypress trees. Tree bark and wood are ground up, and this is what makes cypress mulch. The benefit of cypress mulch is that it adds nutrients to your ground soil as it decomposes. This helps keep the soil’s pH level exactly where it needs to be without affecting or changing it.


If you’re looking to add some color to your garden aside from the flowers, dyed mulch is the mulch for you. This mulch material is dyed with non-toxic dye that will not harm your plants. Using dyed mulch gives you the opportunity to add many different colors to your landscaping that not only lasts but also don’t require constant maintenance.


Kid-safe mulch is handmade mulch that is made from hardwood and wood fibers. This mulch is safe for your children to play in if you allow them to do so. Our kid-safe mulch is IPEMA-certified, which means it is approved by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. This mulch gives you the peace of mind that you need if your kids love to play out in the yard.


Pine nuggets make popular mulch. Pine mulches have been sold for years. This mulch not only offers a durable layer of mulch but also provides a natural mulch for your landscaping. Pine bark is very lightweight, however, and it doesn’t pack down tightly. This makes this mulch difficult to clean when it needs it. Pine mulch lays best on flat landscaping that stays clean.


Finally, for those of you on a budget, our value mulches blend will provide excellent landscaping coverage at a lower price than some of our other options. Our value mulch is made from a wood blend that is not dyed, so it also provides a very natural look to your landscaping. The value mulch allows you to enjoy the benefits of mulch without having to break the bank to do so.

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Photo by galinast from Getty Images via Canva Pro