Five Benefits of Decorative Gravel

Have you ever driven by a piece of property that used decorative gravel as part of its landscaping and thought, “Wow! That’s gorgeous! I should do that!” You should! There are many benefits of adding decorative gravel to your landscaping. Luxury Landscape Supply is going to list five of them below. Plus, we have all the decorative gravel and landscape fabric you need for your project.


Redoing your landscape can get pricey. Decorative gravel is a budget-friendly option to add color and beauty to your property. This gravel is easy to install – so easy, in fact, you can do it yourself and save money on labor fees. It can also be used for walkways and driveways, which will save the expense of concrete and man power, unless you’re a concrete contractor yourself.


Almost! There is some maintenance to decorative gravel but very little. Depending on where you lay the gravel, you can pretty much leave it alone except for the occasional dusting, which you can do with leaf blower set on low. Order extra gravel for walkways and driveways to fill uneven areas as they arise. That’s it. Decorative gravel requires very little maintenance.

No Weeds

Decorative gravel also reduces yard maintenance. When you lay the gravel over high-quality landscape fabric you prevent weeds from growing for years. Even if you don’t use landscape fabric, although we recommend that you, some weeds find it difficult to sprout up through the gravel. To give yourself a break, however, and prevent weeds, lay the gravel over landscape fabric.

Water Control

With the correct installation, decorative gravel will help control rainwater as it falls. This gravel soaks up the water and provides natural drainage to prevent the water from gathering into puddles as it does on concrete. If you have runoff issues in your yard, consider gravel. Another option is a retaining wall if the runoff is severe. We have the materials for that, too.

The Wow Factor

How about people saying, “Wow! That’s gorgeous! I should do that!” when they drive by your property? Decorative gravel (and sand) comes in a variety of colors and styles to create the dramatic effect you’re looking for. Use several colors for maximum effect. Disperse the gravel through your yard for a unique look that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.

Located in Lawrenceville, GA, Luxury Landscape has the gravel supplies you need for your entire project. Call us today to place your order.

Photo by Kenny10 from Getty Images Pro