Seven Fantastic Uses for Decorative Gravel

As part of a landscaping theme, decorative gravel can be used throughout your yard to serve many different purposes. Luxury Landscape Supply has a wide variety of decorative gravel and river rock in many different sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect rock for your landscaping theme. Let’s talk about seven fantastic uses for decorative gravel that will add beauty to your outdoor space.

1. Mulch

Decorative gravel works better than wood mulch because it doesn’t blow away. If you select medium or large gravel pieces for your flowerbeds and trees, you will have a beautiful mulch that will keep the ground underneath moist and prevent water evaporation.

2. Drainage

You can also set up beautiful gravel drainage ways to prevent water from pooling in your yard and to prevent soil erosion. When doing this, the gravel looks like a stream throughout your yard, and it guides the water away from your home and its foundation.

3. Bases

If you want to lay down brick patios and concrete block walls, gravel provides an amazing base. When using the correct gravel, it will compact easily and will create a solid base upon which you can build your outdoor patios and retaining walls. The gravel helps create sounder structures.

4. Walkways

You can extend this to your walkways. You can either use a gravel base and lay down a brick or stone walkway or lay down fine gravel with stepping stones throughout the walkway for a pleasing aesthetic. Finer gravel is softer underneath the feet so plan on using smaller and finer gravel for your walkways.

5. Driveway

You can also use gravel to create your driveway. It doesn’t matter which size of gravel you use, but bear in mind, smaller and lighter gravel will be more inclined to get caught in your car’s tires and strewn about. It can also be blown by heavy winds. It’s better to use medium or large gravel for your driveway.

6. Landscape

Use gravel as part of your landscaping theme. Create gravel borders around your flower and vegetable gardens; as we suggested above, fill in paths with gravel; or build a rock garden with gravel around the large-size boulders. There are countless things you can do with decorative gravel.

7. Accents

One of the things you can do is to create gravel accents. If you are currently using bark mulch as your garden accent, change it to gravel because it keeps the soil cool and moist all summer long. If you lay down landscaping fabric underneath the gravel, weeds will not grow up in between the stones.

Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, has all the decorative gravel you need. Call us today or stop by our shop.

Image by p_saranya from Getty Images via Canva Pro