The Classics Still Make for Fun in the Summer Sun

You could spend money on modern yard games such as a Giant Jenga set, but why do that when you have all need – for the most part – in your home? Sure, modern yard games are a hoot, but the classics can still give you and your family a fun-filled afternoon and cool you off at the same time. Luxury Landscape Supply doesn’t sell game supplies, but we do have the stuff you need for a full and lush lawn upon which to play the following games.

Water Balloon Mayhem

This game isn’t a good idea if you have toddlers but you and your older kids can go to war with a classic water balloon fight. Buy a pack of balloons and fill them with water. Divide into teams and then head into battle. The team who pelts the other team with the most balloons wins. Play fair, though, and only aim for the body. Water balloons in the face can not only hurt but are also dangerous. If it’s really hot outside, stick the water balloons in the refrigerator to cool the water before you begin the game.

Sprinkler Dance-Off

Put on your swimsuits and get ready to shake your booty. Turn on the sprinklers and have the dance-off to end all dance-offs. With the music source safely away from the water, choose your favorite song and head into the sprinklers to dance your heart out. Set up contests, such as the best dance, the silliest dance, or the most unique dance wins. Once the song ends, it’s the next dancers turn to cool off in the refreshing water. The prize for the best dancer is up to you, as is the judging criteria.

Homemade Waterslide

Choose a spot in your yard where the ground is soft and there is an incline if you have one. Lay down a long piece of tarp or pieces of tarp overlapped slightly to lengthen the slide and squirt some dish soap on it from end to end. Use a biodegradable, natural dish soap so you don’t damage your lawn. Turn on the hose and get ready to slip and slide. If you have an incline or hill in your yard, slide down the hill in the flowing water. If you don’t have a hill, take a soft dive onto the slide and see how far you get.

Luxury Landscape Supply in Lawrenceville, GA, hopes you stay cool and have a fun-filled summer. If you’re your lawn needs a little help before you head out for these fun activities, call us to place a sod order. Our number is 770-285-0519.

Photo by Sergey Novikov from Canva Pro